Prairie Dogs Hot Dogs and Handcrafted Sausage is a brand new way to serve and eat encased meat. The Twin Cities have always been bratwurst towns, but Prairie Dogs is taking the simple hot dog and sausage to new levels of craftsmanship and flavor. We're taking an approach to hot dogs that elevates the simple sandwich of ball park and backyard days with ingredients and flavors usually reserved for small Chef driven bistros and fine dining restaurants. Our handcrafted sausages are all made in house with locally raised meats and garnished with artisan cheeses and farmer's market provisions. 

We've got some exciting plans on the beverage side too. We'll be making shakes and malts with fresh fruits and house made syrups. We'll have a repertoire of our own soda pops with flavors like rosemary lemon, ginger and cola made in our own kitchen lab. The kicker will be our unique collection of affordable wines to match our sandwiches and a lineup of local craft beers, ales, stouts etc. that not only historically were meant to wash down our kind of food, but are a very tasty and visible result of the burgeoning artisan food and beverage scene in the Twin Cities.